Harrowing is carried out in spring and sometimes again in autumn to coincide with peaks in the grass growing season. The Green Field Company uses a spring tine rather than regular chain harrow which improves the benefits to your grassland.

  • Pulls out dead grass (thatch), lightly rooted weeds and moss, aerating the sward and encouraging the grass to spread and establish.
  • Helps to level out rough ground and repair poaching in gateways, along fence lines, and in feeding areas which can be both unattractive and potentially dangerous.
  • Can be used to help control latrine areas - effectively spreading and breaking up the manure it avoids the growth of lush grass in dung patches and returns nutrients more evenly to the soil.


  • Levels out poached or uneven ground.
  • Firms up light soils which need consolidating and can help reduce further damage caused by animal hooves.
  • Crushes the grass crowns which encourages the grass to tiller and spread.
  • Helps grasses to establish on new and overseeded pastures by improving contact with soil.